Frequently Asked Questions

When will we receive the final product?

We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround time. We guarantee that we'll have the finished product in your hands within eight weeks, but often we'll get it to you even sooner.


How far will you travel?

We work throughout New England, including Massachusetts and New York. If travel time is more than 2 hours each way then we do charge a travel fee, but we're happy to make the trip!


What if I want a longer Wedding Film?

The length of each Wedding Film depends largely on how much content we have to work with and building a story out of that content. If you would like a longer film, we recommend adding an interview session or filming of the rehearsal dinner.


We're happy to provide a custom length Wedding Film. Contact us for a quote.


Do you have a drone?

We are not drone operators ourselves, but if you're interested in having drone footage in your wedding film, we'd be happy to discuss options for hiring a drone operator.

Do you interview guests?

We do not interview guests unless it is requested by the bride/groom. We're happy to match your vision, just make sure to let us know beforehand.

What do you require to book your services?

We require a signed booking contract and a $500 deposit for all services.

Do you use lighting?

It is our goal to remain as invisible as possible, but we also don't want to miss a moment due to poor lighting. We only use lights when it is absolutely necessary to get the highest quality footage.

Do you require additional time on our wedding day schedule?

No, we want to capture the day's events without interrupting.

How do you choose the music? Can we request music?

We choose music that will enhance the emotional experience of our films and not distract from the story being told. If you have a request for specific music, including any music played during the ceremony or reception, it is best to let us know ahead of time. All music needs to be licensed and not all songs are available, but we will do our best to fulfill any requests. In general, licensing costs are included in the package prices.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept checks, Venmo, and Paypal.