About Billy

With roots in feature film production, I am the main videographer and editor on our team. My dad was a film professor at Columbia University, so I was raised on film theory. I’ve directed and produced independent films for many years, including the 2013 drama “Before I Sleep”, starring David Warner, Tom Sizemore, Bonnie Wright and Chevy Chase. In recent years I’ve seen more and more demand for cinematic wedding films—films that tell the story of a wedding day with the vivid visual storytelling we’re accustomed to seeing in a movie theater. I’ve been excited to bring my filmmaking experience to wedding videography.

About Larissa

With a passion for creative design, I'm the Artistic Director and second videographer on our team. Billy and I often split up on the morning of a wedding shoot, allowing us to capture the preparations for both bride and groom simultaneously. I also help Billy shape the wedding footage into a compelling and beautiful final product.

B and L Wedding Films