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"They say you know an incredibly talented and professional videographer when you don't even know they are there. Well that was our exact experience with B&L Wedding Films." 
Tom & Sandy

Hi, I'm Billy — I'm the main videographer and editor on our team. With a dad who taught film studies at Columbia University, I was basically raised on film theory. I picked up my first camera when I was seven and as a teenager I was already doing local film work. After years of doing commercial film work and feature film production, I took a new direction when I saw the demand for cinematic wedding films—films that tell the story of a wedding day with the vivid visual storytelling we’re accustomed to seeing in a movie theater. Also, I make up silly stories for our kids that sometimes get published.

B and L Wedding Films Billy and Larissa

Hi, I'm Larissa — I'm the artistic director and second videographer for our team. I enjoy doing film work, but I especially love filming weddings. It's such an honor to get to hang out with a couple on one of the best days of their lives, and capture all the hard work they put into creating a beautiful wedding!  When I'm not behind a camera or at the computer, I'm chasing our kids around the house and drinking way too much coffee. I've lived in New Hampshire for seven years and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else!

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